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 Please be respectful of all CDA policies & rules.

Our mutual success is dependent upon CDA faculty, parents, students, and siblings.

  • Injuries: CDA is not responsible for injuries sustained while traveling to or from the studio.  CDA is not responsible for injuries sustained while engaged in supervised or unsupervised activities within the studio, during rehearsals, or performances in other facilities.
  •  Leaving Early: If your dancer must be excused early from a class, please inform the teacher prior to class starting to avoid interruption.
  •  Arrival: Please be on time.  Warm-ups are to condition the body against injuries.  If a student arrives to class more than 5 minutes past the class start time, the teacher reserves the right to deny entrance into class.
  •  Teachers: Please do not interrupt the teacher between classes.  A Teacher Communication Slip can be obtained from the front desk and you may write out your message to the teacher, which will then be placed in their drawer.  If you prefer to make an appointment with the teacher, then please let the front desk know.
  •  Facility: All children, students and siblings, must be supervised at all times.  Please, do not open the classroom doors.  Please, do not tap on the glass windows or glass doors. Dancers must be picked up directly after their class.
  •  Dress Code: We have a strict, professional dress code for all classes. Refer to CDA Dress Code for reference.
  •  Property: CDA is not responsible for lost or stolen property.  The Lost & Found Basket is located near the refrigerator and any items left can be found there, however, it is emptied on a monthly basis.
  •  Dance Shoes: Dance shoes are required to be worn in all classes.  Dance shoes are to be worn in the classroom only – PLEASE NOT OUTSIDE!  Street shoes must be worn upon entrance into the studio, then once inside, dance shoes must be changed.
  •  Annual Gala Concert: Every dancer enrolled in classes is expected to participate in the end-of-the-year concert.  It is the culmination of the dance season and highlights the learned skills of each student.  The purchase of a costume is required for each class enrolled.  Costume order forms are handed out in early January.  The dates of the Annual Gala Concert are posted in the studio very early to help accommodate for your family vacation planning.
  •  Studio Schedule: Our schedule for classes is updated on a regular basis in the studio and can be found near the front doors.  The schedule is subject to change without notice.