Studio Etiquette



Corona Dance Academy is not responsible for injuries sustained while traveling to or from the studio.  The Studio is not responsible for injuries sustained while engaged in supervised or unsupervised activities within the studio, during rehearsals, or performances 

Early Dismissal


Should your dancer need to leave dance class early, please have the dancer inform the instructor prior to class starting to avoid interruption.   



It is important to be ON TIME!  Warm-ups are to condition the body against injuries.  The instructor reserves the right to deny entrance to the class if a student arrives to class more than 5 minutes late.  If that happens, your dancer may take a Make Up in another class. A phone call to the studio is recommended for late arrival.  



Please refrain from interrupting the Instructor during classes or entering the dance room after class to speak with an instructor, unless invited to do so.  Emailing the studio is recommended.

Personal Property


CDA is not responsible for lost or stolen property.  The Lost & Found trunk is located near the homework tables.  All items are emptied on a monthly basis and donated locally.

Studio Seating


Seating within the studio can get full quickly.  Please be respectful of other adults.  If you have a child occupying a seat and an adult is standing, please offer that seat to the adult (kids don't mind sitting on the floor).  When listening to electronic devices, be sure to use earbuds. 

Studio Schedule


The Studio Schedule for classes is updated on a regular basis and is subject to change without notice.  Our Schedule is closely monitored and updated on our website and displayed daily by the front desk.



Dance shoes are required to be worn in all classes.  Dance shoes are to be worn inside only! Wearing dance shoes outside not only ruins the shoes, but also tracks dirt and small pebbles into the studio and dance rooms.  If Tap shoes are worn outside, they will get scraped and gouged by concrete and more likely to cause tears in the dance loor.